Sirkowski's own art
it must not have gone through, but I have to wonder how boobs behave in microgravity. Would they get bigger? Would they get in the way? What're the logistics of having sex in space?

For efficient sex in space it would be preferable for at least one of the partners to be attached to a wall or a heavy structure inside the spacecraft. Just using a drill in space without being attached it complicated. and impossible without something to hold on.

Like on Earth, to change the motion of objects in space requires an application of force. How much the object moves is explained in part by Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The law states that a force causing an object to move one way is met with an equal and opposite force in the other direction. The law is more familiarly stated as, “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” The consequence of this law in space is important. A simple Earth task, such as turning a nut with a wrench, can become quite difficult in space because the astronaut- and not the nut- may turn.

NASA: Working in space.

Is that Robo-Goebbels? Or some other Nazi Cyborg?

The German guy in the sketch? It’s the Hochmeister, the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order of the Holy Roman Empire.

I've been following your work since 2004 I love your work ether Miss Dynamite or your hentai comics keep it up man also quick question about Starship Titus you wouldn't happen to have an image of the entire crew in a group ?

Thanks! :)

If you mean an image that is not from the comic, then no.

Hey sirkowski, what' s the weirdest commission you were paid for?
ah i see well thank you for putting up with that the extra work really shows in miss dynamite. so which part do you love doing the most in your comics.

Thank you :)

they knock on my door, a kid in each arm, lawyers standing behind, with looks on their faces that scream 'take your damn kids already', and a couple of police officers are there to make the lawyers pointless because Pu Nani should not be a MILF at her age.

Ooooo kay…

You do that for sake of convenience or something? Make it easier to draw them because they don't all have different titties?

Convenience and laziness. The almost all have big titties anyway.

well by "other series" I meant your slipshine stuff. Starship Titus, Space Sex Squad, whatever you do after SWF...

That’s what I meant. The Space Sex Squad and the Loli Commando are the same names and characters, but different age.

you should do bust charts for your other series :P

Except for Ling Li they all have the same breast size though. :p

what would you say is the most difficult/frustrating part of making your comics

Miss Dynamite is a bit harder than my porn because there’s so much reference to respect. Weapons, vehicules, places. Well, I could just make everything up, but it wouldn’t be the same. If there’s anachronisms in Sister Wulfia Focka I don’t care. And Space Sex Squad is science-fiction. 


I see a lot of yous webcomics peoples breaking that rule. It makes your comics very confusing.


For example, two people are speaking, you want to make sure everyone will understand they’re having a face-to-face conversation…


…or if they’re standing one next to the other, talking to a third person. You want to know who’s where. An easy way to do that is to avoid crossing the Invisible Axis or to break the 180 Degree Rule.


Ever noticed on TV that a hockey rink has all the cameras only on one side of the ice? This is to avoid breaking the Axis, since it’s important in team sports to know where the players are and where they’re going.

So in a hockey rink, that’s easy, but what do you for a conversation between two people who are facing each other? What you need to do is set your Action Line. You can set your Action Line using the first camera angle you use, whatever it is. But be careful, this way can be tricky, so read the rest.


You can also use the line of sight between two characters as your action line. Then you may move your camera freely inside that half-circle.


It’s also preferable that characters, no matter the camera angle, stay on the same side of the screen and look in the same direction.


Here’s a bad exemple. Mr.Red and Mr.Blue are very similar characters. Because the Axis was broken, when we change the camera angle, it seems Mr.Red is magicaly transforming into Old school special fx…


In this good exemple, you can see that even though Mr.Red and Mr.Blue are almost twins, you easily understand who’s who and where they are.


This is not an absolute and you may have to break the rule from time to time. But remember that this about clarity. It’s about making your actions and sequences easier to understand. It applies as much to conversations as to fights.

I feel sorry for the Smash bros roster when your sex squad miis get in there and literally fuck everybody up
Loli CommandoPrivate Silvia Sloan1st Specialty: Radio2nd Specialty: InfantryWeapon of Choice: AK-47 and variants.

Loli Commando
Private Silvia Sloan
1st Specialty: Radio
2nd Specialty: Infantry
Weapon of Choice: AK-47 and variants.

ya know if you made miis of eva and blackie you can fight as them in the new smash bros...eva vs samus, blackie vs the swordmen of smash (then later fucking them one by one)

I tried Eva a while ago and it wasn’t that great. Some of the Space Sex Squad were nice though.